The future Tantra curriculum at Nitartha Institute will be based on the rich tradition of tantric studies in the Kagyü lineage,

The Tantra of the Secret Essence (Skt: Guhyagarbha Tantra; Tib: Gsang ba´i snying po) is the main tantra of the Mahāyoga class of tantras and is the main text on tantric view studied in the Nyingma tradition.

In this course, this tantra will be studied based on Mipham Rinpoche’s Luminous Essence (`Od gsal snying po), which is his celebrated commentary on Longchenpa’s commentary on the Guhyagarbha called Dispelling Darkness in the Ten Directions (Tib: phyogs bcu’i mun sel).

Mipham’s text presents the ground, path, and fruition of tantra, and the ten topics of the tantric path: view, conduct, maṇḍala, empowerment, samaya, activity, accomplishment, samādhi, offering pūja, and mantra with mudrā.