In this course, we will explore the view of what has been called the “Mind-Only School” as presented in late Indian Mādhyamika doxographies and the standard Tibetan doxographies, versus the view of the Indian Yogācāra School. In addition to discussing their differences and commonalities, students will also learn about their relationships with what has been called the “Shentong Madhyamaka,” which originated in Tibet.

This course fulfills the BUD 601 course requirement for the Intermediate Certificate of Completion.

Prerequisite: Mind and Its World I and II (BUD 501 and BUD 510) plus Madhyamaka (BUD 610) are required, and it is recommended to have also taken Mind and Its World III and IV (BUD 520 and BUD 530).

Required texts:

  • The Treasury of Knowledge, Book Six, Parts One and Two: Indo-Tibetan Classical Learning and Buddhist Phenomenology

  • The Treasury of Knowledge: Book Six, Part Three: Frameworks Of Buddhist Philosophy

  • A Compendium of the Mahāyāna, vol. 1 and 3

Optional texts:

  • Luminous Heart

  • Mining for Wisdom Within Delusion