This course is oriented toward beginning Tibetan-language students who are interested in furthering their connections to the language. It assumes some prior knowledge of colloquial Tibetan.

Lessons this summer will include classes on the following topics:

1) Time

2) Days of the week, dates, and months of the year

3) The four seasons

4) Location and the four directions

5) Parts of the body

6) Members of the family

Students will be conversing about these topics using short sentences and will train in responding to questions in conversations.


Students should know how to read basic Tibetan sentences aloud (but not necessarily understand their entire meaning). They should have some familiarity with verb tenses (past, present, and future), auxiliary verbs, essential and existential verbs including yin, min, red, ma red, yod med, ‘dug, mi ‘dug, yod red and yod ma red. Students should also have some familiarity with the basics of the locative, genitive, instrumental cases, and question words and particles.

Required Texts:

None. All material will be provided.