"This course will deepen your understanding of knowable objects as expounded by the Abhidhama tradition, based on the Collected Topics root text. Students will learn methods for thinking clearly by formulating definitions, examples, equivalents and classifications, and by exploring the four types of logical relationships between two phenomena. This course also prepares students for debate, which is a highly effective method for clarifying one's understanding of the topics that are covered in Nitartha's study curriculum."
Faculty/Instructor(s): Israel Lifshitz
"This course is an exposition of the Vaibhāṣika philosophical tradition, based on the The Gateway that Reveals the Philosophical Traditions to Fresh Minds root text. Students explore foundational classifications of knowable objects: the five bases, five aggregates, twelve sources and eighteen constituents. This is followed by the presentation of the Vaibhāṣika theory of causation from Collected Topics and the twelve links of dependent origination."
Faculty/Instructor(s): Francis Sullivan